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All Star Boys Bedding

All Star Boys Bedding
All-Star boys bedding range, Blue/grey in colour for any age.

Tea Party Bedding

Tea Party Bedding
New range of girls tea party themed bedding.

Rosie girls bedding set

Rosie girls bedding set
Girls bedding set including duvet, curtains and accessories.

Bubbles coordinated girls bedding

Bubbles coordinated girls bedding
Girls bedding set including duvet, curtains and accessories.

Aeroplane themed boys bedding

Aeroplane themed boys bedding
Boys aeroplane bedding set including duvet and curtains.

McKenzie boys bedding set

McKenzie boys bedding set
Patchwork bedding set including duvet, curtains and accessories.

Gruffalo childrens bedding

Gruffalo childrens bedding
A brand new range of Gruffalo children's bedding has just arrived!

Boys car bedding with Humphrey

Boys car bedding with Humphrey
Junior boys car bedding in blue - featuring Humphrey and his Car!

Ribbons & Rosettes

Ribbons & Rosettes
Junior bedding for horse lovers, Ribbons & Rosettes for girls.

Cherry Blossom childrens bedding

Cherry Blossom childrens bedding
Junior floral bedding for little girls.

Chilldren's Bedding Sets

You will by now have realised that even toddlers start to form their ideas on likes and dislikes. Whether this is toys, food or television characters, so it is as they become older with the design and colours of their room. These likes and dislikes can help you when deciding on which children's bedding to purchase.

Children's bedding ranges include:

Rosie girls pink floral bedding set
McKenzie boys bedding range
Gruffalo childrens bedding set with duvet and curtains
Toddlers car bedding range
Boys racing car bedding
Girls cherry blossom bedding
Girls pony bedding and duvet set
Girls Tutti Frutti lilac bedding
Girls fairy princess bedding
Bubbles, girls coordinated bedding

When you start think about buying new children bedding, especially as they start to say their old bedding is too 'babyish', involve them in the process. Their room is an outward expression of them, so when choosing, ask them what style and colour of children's bedding do they prefer. It may even help if you do not call it children's bedding, but maybe junior bedding to make them feel more grown up.

Your children will spend a great deal of their time in their bedroom. Spend a little time and effort in selecting the right children's bedding and you will be popular.

It is natural to start to look for the colour and design when trying to decide on which children's bedding to go for, but slow down a little. First think about the safety and fabric of the bedding first before moving onto design and colour.

Safety of Children's Bedding

Do not overlook the safety aspect when deciding on which children's bedding to go for. Check that the material used for your child's bedding meets the appropriate fire and safety standards for your country. Some children can be allergic to certain material and fabrics when it comes to duvet covers or pillowcases. Some children bedding are classed as 'anti-allergic', these are more tolerant and kinder to your child's skin. Also remember to consider the pillow itself as they can hold a great deal of dust over the years even if you wash them on t a regular basis. You should replace a child's pillow every couple of years anyway. A good pillow should support the child's head and neck and align the head, shoulders and spine correctly.

Children's Bedding Fabric

When choosing children's bedding, select fabric that is natural or an organic fabric. Anything that is 100% cotton or a cotton / polyester mix is a good start. Do consider the practical day to day use of any children's bedding you finally select, go for durable and machine washable bedding.

Coordinated Children's Bedding

In order to achieve the coordinated look, remember to also have a look for other bed room accessories such as curtains, wall art, lampshade covers and maybe a decorative pillow or two. A soft toy in the corner or sitting in the bed always makes for finishing touches.

Style, Theme and Colour of Children's Bedding

Your children have excellent imaginations and this is where it really can be used to good use. They will have some definite views on colour, style and characters for their room and especially on the bedding. If your little one is an avid pink fairy or a blue racing car fanatic, you can narrow your search down quite easily. Consider their favourite television character or football team again makes the search for children's bedding so much easier. As with all children, they grow up very quickly so while the bedding set you have just bought them may be just what they like now doesn't mean in twelve months they will ! It is a juggling task in trying to buy bedding they like and will sleep in now verses something practical longer term.

There are so many children bedding sets to choose from it should be quite easy to find something that is a good balance.

Children Bedding - The Girls

Your little one loves to feel special and that is why the traditional princess, fairy and the colour pink has always rated top when coming to girls bedding. In keeping with this idea you could select bedding that keeps with the pink theme such as Lottie Fairy, Little Miss Perfect, Cherry Blossom or if she enjoys horses, how about the Ribbons and Rosettes set ?. Teddy bears have always been a favourite as well so do not rule them out.

Children Bedding - The Boys

Boys bedding such as the Pitstop range has racing cars and a blue theme. You could consider a softer, gentler, theme such as the Little Red Car theme from Izziwotnot which features Humphrey from the Humphreys Corner range of bedding. Or consider something like the famous Gruffalo children's character bedding.

Children's Room - The Finishing Touches

Adding finishing touches to your childs room is a cost effective way to achieve the coordinated children's bedroom effect, but without spending the earth. Bedroom items such as curtains, pillows, pictures, rugs, soft toys, lampshade covers, bookends and books can be purchased to complement the duvet cover and pillowcase selection. Many manufactures make these along side the bedding so if you are clever you can match them up quite easily.

If you really want to go to town with accessories, how about a playhouse curtain that goes over the top of a bunk bed to make their own rose garden ? These canopy hideaways are great fun.

Children Bedding - The List

Children's Sheets - Thin sections of material, used as a first layer to sleep on. Typically sheets are made from cotton.

Bottom sheets - Similar to the above, but a type of mattress cover and sometimes have elastic around the edge to snap over the mattress.

Blankets - Usually made from fleece or wool and are used to sleep under to keep warm.

Pillows - Usually rectangular to rest your head on. Typically contain goose or duck feather and down, sometimes filled with synthetic fillings.

Pillow cases - Usually come with the duvet cover and you put your pillow in them

Duvets -. They are large pieces of material that you sleep underneath

Duvet covers - Protects the Duvet

Quilts - Thinner Duvets

Throws - Similar to blankets but generally used as a decorative finish to a bed

Children's Bedding Brand Names and Designs

There are so many great brand names and designs to choose from when looking for children's bedding. Lots of different themes, characters, colours and styles are available. Below are a few that are available to help you on your search.

Izziwotnot: -

- The Gruffalo
- Little Red Car (featuring Humphrey)
- Pitstop
- Little Miss Perfect
- Cherry Blossom
- Ribbons and Rosettes
- Tutti Frutti
- Dinosaur
- Lottie Fairy Princess
- Tonal pink and blue

Ello and Otto ranges are also available if you are looking for designer bedding for baby or junior......see the Beep Beep, Tweet Tweet and the Garden range of bedding for maximum effect.

So if you are on the look out for children's bedding, pay a visit to where we have a great range. If there is a range of children's bedding that you are unable to find on our website, simply ask us and we can get it in for you.

Do let us know about any questions you may have, we are more than happy to help you make the right choice for your little ones children bedding. No matter if it is baby bedding or children bedding that you after, please drop us a line and we will be more than happy to help and assist as much as we can. Buying children bedding should not be complicated and we make it as simple as we can to give you more time.


You will soon realize that as your baby grows and becomes a toddler, they will soon start to form opinions on which type of bedding they like. Whether its colour, design, favourite characters, style or even material ……welcome to the world of kids bedding.

Suddenly just you deciding on what bedding to buy, needs more consideration as you’re not so little one has an opinion of course. Welcome to the world of kids bedding…..

Your child will probably want to express their personality in their new bedding range, from the duvet and pillow case right through the to cushions and other accessories

The choices available to you when trying to select kids bedding are many, with a few of the key considerations below:

Material quality
Anti allergenic
Safety of material
Character themes

Other kids bedding considerations…. coordinating accessories such as pillowcases that match the duvet cover or even scatter cushions. You should ask your kids what kind of bedding and style they would like for their room, you might be surprised as to their preferences. Scatter cushions really make a very cost effective way to update a kids room, buy a few to scatter around.

Other choices available to you when thinking about kids bedding are items such as matching curtains, bookends and mobiles, lampshades and even light switch covers. Kids rugs are always another favourite way of updating your kids room so they match the bedding.

Styles, colour and designs of kids bedding are very important and the choice is pretty much endless. Consider some of the ranges of kids bedding such as the Gruffalo, designer bedding ranges such as Ella and Otto trendy designs, or some of the Humphrey’s Corner designs such as Little Red Car or Lottie Fairy Princess kids bedding. There are many floral designs available for kids and are always a firm favourite.

Colour of kids bedding does not have to always be restricted to the ‘blue for boys’ and ‘pink for girls’ concept. Consider yellows, greens and white or cream bedding as well as some of the truly spectacular dotty and multi coloured kids bedding available on the market these days. There are even pure black kids bedding sets available and even in silk as a material.

Characters and themes of kids bedding range widely for example some of the kids ranges available at the website range from the safari themes to the nautical themes.

Don’t get caught out by the quality point when checking the market out for kids bedding. No point buying a cheap set of kids bedding only to find out that after the first wash, all the colours wash or the stitching becomes loose on the pillow or duvet.

In summary, when buying kids bedding there are many things to consider and budget as always needs to be a consideration. If like most parents with kids, you need to update your kids room so that its not so babyish for them - for the most economical way but not loose out on quality, buy from today. |  CHILDRENS BEDDING

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