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Deglingos, Chikos the chicken

Deglingos, Chikos the chicken
De-gling-oes - meet our unique species of animals ... all with their own personalities! Deglingos

Deglingos, Ratos the rat

Deglingos, Ratos the rat
Meet Ratos - a fun guy with a big heart. Deglingos are a unique species of funky animals.

Baby Deglingos, Ronronos

Baby Deglingos, Ronronos
Deglingoes - a unique species of animals ... all with their own personalities! Deglingos!!


4little1s stock a large range of funky soft toys called Deglingos (pronounced De-gling-goes)! Deglingos are a unique species of quirky animals, they have their own language and like to end all of their words with 'os'. They live only on the very best websites in town! Read through the list of characters that we have below - there is one to match every type of personality that you can think of!

Our Deglingos range includes:-

Deglingos Molos - a loveable lobster, beneath his tough shell he has a heart of gold!
Deglingos Pikos - a hedgehog, proud of her magnificos spikes.
Deglingos BigBos - the ultimos sophisticos baby deglingos wolf!
Deglingos Lapinos - a real go get-os bunny with big feet!
Deglingos Ratos - the guy with the big heart who loves to play the drums!
Deglingos Nonos - the friendly dog, who is everyones friend, Woofos Woofos
Deglingos Milkos - a bonkers bovine!
Deglingos Ronronos - comicos of the band.
Deglingos Chikos - a bit of a snobos chikos.

We also have a range of baby Deglingoes called:

Baby Molos, Baby Poilodos, Baby Pikos, Baby Big Bos, Baby Milkos, Baby Lapinos and Baby Ronronos. These make completely unique baby comfort blanket friends for little ones.

Deglingos make a totally unique gift idea for little ones and bigger ones too! So do not forget, if you are looking for a soft toy gift, but want to be 'different' than everyone else who has given the person a gift, go for a DEGLINGOS....they will love it !

These fun and quirky soft toys make excellent baby shower presents. |  - deglingos

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