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Nursery furniture, baby bedding sets,
children's bedding and great gift ideas
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Nursery bedding

Nursery bedding
Nursery bedding sets from Izziwotnot, Lollipop Lane, Ella & Otto and more.

Nursery furniture sets

Nursery furniture sets
UK Nursery furniture from Izziwotnot, Saplings and Lollipop Lane.


Cotbeds, drawers & top top changers - Izziwotnot, Saplings, Kidsline and Lollipop Lane.


Cots and dropside cots from Izziwotnot, Saplings, Kidsline and Lollipop Lane.


Nursery cribs with a rock, swing of glide mechanism. Further ranges coming soon!

Nursery Bedding & Nursery Furniture

When looking for nursery furniture and baby bedding, did you know ...

- Choosing the right type of cot / cot bed can save you ££££
- Coosing the right type of nursing chair will have you sitting there for hours !
- Choosing the right type of nursery bedding can help your little ones sleep better ?

The baby market for nursery bedding and furniture is huge and not only are there mega stores on the high street, independents, but also a multitude of online stores offering even better value. Choosing big ticket items such as nursery furniture can be daunting as it is lot of money and like all pieces of furniture for your house, you want it to be 'just right'. Baby bedding ranges range far and wide with selections including famous branded characters like Humphreys Corner, Gruffalo or Forever Friends, right through to plain pink or blue bedding.

Always check the quality of baby bedding and nursery furniture to ensure it meets the relevant safety standards of your country. All good retailers will be able to tell you…avoid.

What should baby sleep in ? - The Choices of Bed

Well first off, your baby is likely to be sleeping in a Moses Basket for the first few months, so look for quality to give your baby a lovely safe and secure place to snooze. Once they have outgrown the Moses basket and you feel it is time for something bigger, read on.

A useful tip when buying nursery furniture is to consider buying a cotbed rather than a cot. The reason being that as your baby grows and outgrows the cot, you will need to buy a junior bed. Now if you bought a cotbed in the first place, you just need to convert it. If you did not buy a cotbed in the first place and opted for the cot (as it was cheaper!) you now need to go out and buy a new bed !

Our tip - Save money and your time….buy a cotbed first off rather than just a cot. It's easier and saves time in the long run.

Buying a nursery furniture set is usually a good idea for a number of reasons. It is cheaper than buying each furniture item one by one and you have no worries about the range being discontinued and not being able to find the matching wardrobe, chest of drawers etc.
Another option when buying a whole furniture set, is that quite often you can opt for a furniture assembly deal. Basically allowing you to sit back while someone comes an assembles the set for you. Particularly good if your assemble skills are not up to scratch.

Storage will become an issue as your little one accumulates more and more bedding, toys and books. Look for furniture that has useful storage to help out such as under draws that can be put under the bed or cot. Great ideas and such a simple solution.
Nursery sets typically contain a cot or cot bed, a cot top changer, wardrobe, chest of drawers or a tall boy. You can mix and match as well as have different packages such as 3 piece set, 4 piece set, 5 piece set and so on.

Baby Bedding / Nursery Bedding

The best tip of all when buying nursery bedding is to look for buying the whole set in one go as this avoids the situation of trying to hunt down the matching cushion, sheet, extra pillowcase further down the line. Even if you do find it, you cannot be sure that it will still match as quite often different batches are manufactured and the dye maybe slightly stronger or weaker. A great practical tip around this would be to look for bedding bales when selecting baby bedding. Bedding bales offer a packaged set of the essentials you need for your little ones cot or cot bed. Typically including Cot bumpers, Sheets, Blankets and so on, enough to get you started.

The ultimate in coordinated nursery design is to buy the room in a box concept. This is everything in the range, right down to the little matching soft toy and pillow. The room in the box sets saves you time and effort in the long run as you have everything from the set in one go.

Remember when buying baby bedding to ensure that it is most certainly worth buying a few of each item as you can expect poo or sick to get onto them somewhere along the line. Baby bedding sheets are probably the most obvious candidate here…….discovering at 05:00 that you do not have a spare pair of sheets while changing baby is not a good place to be ! Baby sheets are fairly inexpensive and buying two or three as spares will ensure you always have some available for changing.

When you start looking for baby bedding, you soon realize just how many bedding pieces there are. A typical baby bedding set if you were to purchase the entire range would contain a cot bed, Moses Basket, Coverlet, Wallpaper Border, Sleep-suits in a variety of sizes and togs, cotbed duvets for when they get bigger, sheets curtains and pillows, wall art, blankets, cot bumpers and quilts. - Phew !

Sleep-suits come in a variety of shapes colours and sizes. The most common sizes being 0 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months. Another consideration when choosing a baby sleep-suit is the tog rating. Think about the time of year it will be when your little baby arrives. If it is summer and the sun is shining, a thick sleep-suit is not the best, so opt for a thinner version. Likewise if baby arrives in the winter, consider a thicker tog rating. Tog ratings vary, but typically expect on option of 1 tog or 2.5 tog. 1 tog being thinner than the 2.5 tog rating. As with all baby bedding items, buying a couple for spares is a good idea…just in case one gets dirty and is in the wash.


Buying themed baby bedding is fun and can help your little one sleep better as they see their favorite characters in their room. Don't skimp on quality when deciding which range to go for. Your baby will be spending a lot of time in their bed so make sure it is good quality, breathable and not itchy ! At we stock a number of children's themed bedding such as the Humphrey character from Humphrey's corner and also Lottie. Some themes worthy of mention in terms of baby bedding are car themed bedding such as the Izziwotnot Little Red Car set or maybe the nautical theme such as Lollipop Lane's Fish and Chips. Pinked themed bedding such as the Izziwotnot Lottie Fairy Princess will be an instant hit with little girls that love fairies, pink and of course Princesses.

Other ranges of baby bedding include animal and jungle themed bedding such as the yellow ABC Safari range from Izziwotnot or Herb's garden from the Lollipop Lane designers. If your little one prefers bears, the Vincent bear range is a lovely set, featuring Vincent himself ! Vincent has been loved soooo much, that one of his ears is missing…….poor Vincent, he needs lots of hugs to make him feel better. If you prefer to go for a bedding range that allows you to get away from it all, can we suggest the Hide Away bay range from Izziwotnot, dream dream dream.

The traditional Humphrey can been seen on the Humphrey's Bedtime range of baby bedding. So many memories and such a great design, Humphrey is loved the world over.

While designing your new little ones nursery, remember that there are many accessories that can really lift a room fairly easily and simply. Coordinated Nursery add ons such as light switch covers, wooden bookends, mobiles, toys, wall art, pillows, soft toys, wooden toys, themes wall stickers or transfers can be bought and put into place in seconds.


These chairs go by many names, glider chairs, rocking chairs, nursing chairs, feeding chairs.
Rocking chairs allow you and baby to spend quality time together while reading a book or feeding. These chairs are soft luxury chairs that have a variety of positions that allow the chair to rock back and forth. The sky is the limit for these chairs and can be many hundreds of pounds.

Generally there are three types of glider chairs:

- Upholstered glider chairs
- Wooden glider chairs
- Wicker glider chairs

Upholstered Gliders Chairs - Look like a normal piece of furniture that would not look out of place in any room of your home. Usually made from think washable foam.

Wooden Glider Chairs are usually painted and the most common ones being white. A variety of woodes available from solid oak to Indian rubber.

Wicker Glider Chairs are great if you want the natural look in your little ones nursery. Simiiar to conservatory chairs but with thicker cushions.


As you little one grows and the nursery furniture as well as the nursery bedding becomes to 'babyish' you will want to look for children's furniture and children's bedding. As it was when you were buying for your little baby, there are so many combinations and pieces of furniture as well as bedding you can choose from. If your little boy or girl is into football there are many ranges of furniture that are in the same colours of their team, whether it be blue or red. Have a look at the SKYLINE BLUE or SKYLINE RED nursery furniture range to get an idea. Children's themed bedding adds the final touches to the room, but on the whole buying a SINGLE DUVET & PILLOWCASE is the way to go.

There are some great children bedding themes available of which many of them carry on from the baby bedding set. A couple of good examples of this being the blue car bedding and the fairy princess bedding. Both ranges while originally from the baby bedding range, offer the single duvet and pillowcase option. They also offer the curtains, themed pictures and pillows to add the final designer touches to your child's room.

Baby Bedding, nursery furniture junior furniture and children's bedding is all available at… time and money, come to us and you won't be disappointed.

Baby nursery furniture and bedding from Izziwotnot and Lollipop Lane

4little1s now stocks a large selection of items for your baby's nursery. We stock the entire range of Izziwotnot bedding and furniture. (If for any reason you do not see what you are looking for, please do email us. I am sure that we will be able to order it in for you.)

The Izziwotnot range of furniture offers something for everyone, achieving good quality for a good price. All frames are made of solid wood which ensure that the furniture is sturdy and built to last.

Izziwotnot have greatly extended their range and now offer chestnut furniture, oak furniture and pristine white furniture - perfectly suited to any nursery. Some ranges are more traditional, others more contemporary. Izziwotnot's Humphreys Corner range introduces something completely different to the nursery. The range combines the well loved Humphrey's Corner storyline with furniture pieces - all telling the story of Humphrey searching for his friends at bedtime.

Izziwotnot also offer a vast range of baby bedding. Really there is something for everyone - neutral, creams, blues and pinks - the choice is yours. Also recently added to the ranges are a large number of co-ordinated items including nappy stackers, cot tidys, tooth fairy cushions, tie backs and very much more. Izziwotnot's Lottie Fairy Princess and Little Red Car range offer a perfect complement to the Humphrey's Corner range of furniture. For a contemporary look see the Izziwotnot White Gift range from pure white waffle fabric - a popular baby bedding choice for boys and girls.

Our Lollipop Lane furniture is newly added to our range. All items are made of solid wood and offer create quality combined with artistic design. Great designs such as Oakhill and Chelsea can all be found here.

See the full range of our Nursery furniture and baby bedding here

Bedding ranges inlude:

Izziwotnot White Gift baby bedding - a contemporary white range
Izziwotnot Cream Gift baby bedding - a warm neutral range
Izziwotnot Time to Play baby bedding - a new lilac and aubergine range
Izziwotnot Baby Fleur nursery bedding - a pretty pink range due soon!
Izziwotnot Petit Henri baby bedding - a blue and red gingham range for boys
Izziwotnot Petit Henri baby bedding - a blue and red gingham range for boys
Izziwotnot Vincent baby bedding - based on a very loveable bear

Furniture ranges inlude:

Izziwotnot Skyline nursery furniture - a contemporary range that will grow with your child
Izziwotnot Latitude nursery furniture - a cream and walnut baby furniture range
Izziwotnot Hemingway II nursery furniture - white shaker style baby furniture
Izziwotnot Vanilla nursery furniture - a very popular choice of quality nursery furniture
Izziwotnot Bailey Sleigh cotbed - a cotbed with style and striking design |  NURSERY:

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We also love to stock some things that are a little unique whether they are handmade or just great products that mums have recommended to us. (If you have any great ideas we'd be pleased to hear from you!) We offer great baby bedding, nursery furniture and baby gifts such as baby hampers and baby bouquets especially for newly arrived little ones.

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