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Fish and Chips cot bumper

Fish and Chips cot bumper
Fish and Chips cot bumper featuring Chips a mischievous puppy!

Fish and Chips crib set

Fish and Chips crib set
Fish and Chips baby crib set with a crib bumper and quilt.

Fish and Chips newborn bedding

Fish and Chips newborn bedding
Newborn baby bedding - everything you need to get started.

Fish and Chips knitted blanket

Fish and Chips knitted blanket
Co-ordinating knitted blanket adorned with sail boats

Fish and Chips canvases

Fish and Chips canvases
A pair of matching canvases, designed to go together.

Fish and Chips cuddlerobe and washmitt

Fish and Chips cuddlerobe and washmitt
Fish and Chips wallpaper border to complete the look!

Fish and Chips sleepsuit

Fish and Chips sleepsuit
Fish and Chips sleepsuit/gro bag - available in two sizes.

Fish and Chips curtains

Fish and Chips curtains
Lollipop Lane curtains for Fish and Chips baby bedding

Fish and Chips height chart

Fish and Chips height chart
A fun height chart with fishy details!

Fish and Chips nappy stacker

Fish and Chips nappy stacker
Fish and Chips nappy stacker - a very useful accessory.

Fish and Chips wallpaper border

Fish and Chips wallpaper border
Fish and Chips wallpaper border to complete the look!

Fish and Chips changing mat and cover

Fish and Chips changing mat and cover
A wipe clean changing mat with fabric pillow and towelling insert.

Fish and Chips from Lollipop Lane Nursery bedding sets

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Nursery Bedding

The Fish and Chips range of nursery bedding from Lollipop Lane is a gorgeous contemporary range, fit for a king. It features shades of baby blue, with characters such as Chips, Fish and of course his boat. Chips is the main star (although the fish do play a leading part!) and he enjoys nothing more than a big splish splash in the clear, warm blue ocean. Fish are abound, darting back and forth, with a multitude of colours. They play with Chips while he sails his boat tacking back and forth with his fish friends. The bedding range is ideal for a little boy's first room; maybe he will be a captain one day and sail around the world..who knows. ' Ay Ay - full steam ahead and land ahoy !

Anyway, we digress, Chips is the friendly little puppy dog who features on most of the pieces of nursery bedding as a joyful and bouncy character, other pieces have the fish, boat and of course Chips. Other pieces have a combination of everything.. Woof Woof Woof Woof - you will love Chips he is very kind and friendly.

Fish and Chips bedding has top class embroidery throughout the collection, and the stunning applique and carefully made ribbon trims can be seen throughout different bedding pieces. When you furnish your little ones nursery with this excellent bedding range, you will not be disappointed. Lollipop Lane are a leading baby bedding manufacturer and are located in Manchester, has a wide selection of bedding from them and especially the Fish and Chips range. All pieces are in stock in our warehouse and ready to be shipped to you.

Wonder at the straight stripes and check patterns in shades of baby blue, marvel at the striking red and happy go lucky yellow. Fish and Chips combines lovely gentle velour with contemporary knitted blankets , coverlets, curtains, tiebacks, Lanterns, Cot bumpers, wallpaper borders, bedding bales, pictures...well you get the picture. There is soooooo much in this range, have a look yourself and if you feel you need a little inspiration to become creative and get into the 'zone', the Fish and Chips range is for you.

In soft shades of baby blue, using snuggly fabrics and fine designer detailing, this bedding is a pure delight to receive. The blue shades in the Fish and Chips range of baby bedding is fantastic and will always give your nursery that 'nautical' feel. 'Ay Ay Captain..full steam ahead' ' Land Ahoy'

If you are looking for a cosy bedding range for your little boy and trying to achieve the coordinated nursery feel, you just cannot go wrong with Fish and Chips bedding.

See the full Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips range here

The range includes a whole host of nursery bedding items you would expect in any quality range of baby bedding.

Take for example the Fish and Chips bedding bale, which can be used in a cot or a cot-bed. The bale contains five great items for your nursery to get you started. They are:

  • The Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips quilt
  • The Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips bumper
  • The Lollipop Fish and Chips fitted sheet
  • The Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips flat sheet
  • The Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips fleece blanket

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Flat and Fitted Sheet

When you see and feel the sheet (which measures 70 x 140cm and is 100% cotton jersey) you can see how this range will last and has been made with care. There is also another type of sheet called the flat sheet (which is 120 x 150cm and made up of a combination of 35% cotton 65% polyester) and again it's a quality sheet. As mum and been there seen it and got the T-shirt, my tip is to buy a few sheets, you will be surprised how many times you need to change sheets with this little bundle of newly arrived joy ! Discovering you do not have enough sheets at 4am when doing a change is not a good experience and its then you wish you had bought some more..

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Fleece

The Fish and Chips fleece blanket is 120 x 150cm and made from 100% polyester. A great addition to the set and a very soft and snugly blanket for all. With the evenings drawing in, having a warm fleece nearby add comfort to all is a good idea. The Lollipop Lane Fish And Chips fleece is so extra snuggly and cuddly, you may well wish you could have one yourself, I know I do.

See the full Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips range here

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Height Chart

The Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Height Chart is the latest 'must have piece' for your nursery, especially if you are after a coordinated effect. Watch and measure as your little one grows day after day. Track the little ones progress as he or she grows through the fish and heads up towards Chip's boat bobbing around at the top of the ocean. Is that land ahoy Chips says.

  • Magnetic fish marker
  • Velour ties for easy hanging around your home
  • A great fun accessory for the nursery
  • Dimensions approximately: W32 x H135cm
  • Measures to approximately 140cm
This goes well with some other items from the range, such as the canvas art and the wallpaper border. Chips is the fun loving and very playful little puppy. He loves the water and sails the seven seas with this range, see him in action and become part of the fun. Your little one will love this range and will bring a smile to that face. He will grow at such a pace, and this height chart will show you just how quickly. Take photos to remember how small he once was !

See the extensive range of Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips available from here

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips quilt

As you have already met Chips, the friendly puppy dog, this delightful quilt has lovely embroidery throughout the bedding range, and he is playing with his fish friends on his favourite sailing boat.

  • Co-ordinates perfectly with the Fish & Chips range
  • Material cover: 35% cotton 65% polyester
  • Filling: 100% polyester, approximately 4 tog
  • Embroidery detail
  • Detachable soft fish toy
  • Baby blue quilt with striped detailing
  • Suitable for both cots and cotbeds. Size 100 x 120cms
  • Suitable for use from 12 mths
The Fish Chips Quilt is made by Lollipop Lane and is a fantastic contemporary range of baby blue nursery bedding. If you have a little boy arriving soon, this is the range to select.

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Cot bed Duvet

As you build your nursery up, piece by piece, don't forget the cot bed duvet ! You will want your little one to be snugly and comfortable, well this duvet from Lollipop Lane is the duvet you need.

  • Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips duvet cover 120 x 150cm
  • Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips pillowcase 60 x 40cm
  • Material 35% cotton, 65% polyester
  • Embroidered design
  • Designed to fit cotbeds and junior beds
  • Many other co-ordinating bedding items available
  • Duvet cover set is suitable from 12 months
The Fish Chips duvet and pillow case is made by Lollipop Lane and is great value. This contemporary range is ideal for your little boy's nursery. Lollipop Lane also provide a wide range of nursery furniture that is definitely worth checking out. You can see the furniture ranges on our website, just search on our site with the word 'Nursery Furniture' and you will see the range. Alternatively drop us an email or give us a call, we look forward to talking to you.

Nappy stacker

Ever needed a nappy to hand just at the crucial moment and cannot remember where they are ? Well, The Lollipop Lane Nappy Stacker is what you need. Simply and easily used, the Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips nappy stacker allows you to stack fresh clean nappies up so you can grab one easily when needed. The Nappy Stacker can be attached very easily to any piece of furniture, such as a cot or other item in the nursery, or anywhere else in the house. The Fish and Chips Nappy stacker is not only a practical item, it adds a touch of class to your coordinated range. The Nappy stacker features Chips the puppy and adds fun to what can be a very messy exercise !

  • Velour nappy stacker featuring Chips the puppy
  • Dimensions approx: W32 x H50 x D21cm
  • Handy pocket feature (Chips loves it!)
  • Beautiful and appliqué designs is the online nursery retailer, stocking a Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips bedding.

See the full range of Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips baby bedding here.

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Wallpaper Border

OK, so you have fitted out your nursery and its looking coordinated, except the walls which look a little empty, well we have two inspirational ideas for you. How about some art on the wall not only that, coordinated Fish and Chips art. Alternatively, how about some wallpaper border for the blank nursery walls. If you are looking to complete your little boys nursery with the finishing touches of your nautical room, consider the Fish and Chips wallpaper border. It will add a splash colour to those walls and if you compliment it with the canvas art, you have a masterpiece room design on your hands.

  • The Fish and Chips wallpaper border is self adhesive
  • Adds that finishing touch
  • The Fish and Chips border is 15cms x 5 metres
  • Consider adding canvas art (Chips says he approves!)

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Canvas Art

If the walls of your little ones nursery are looking a little empty, how about some canvass art to liven things up ? The Fish and Chip matching canvas art is just the ticket to add the final touches to your masterpiece ! Choose from different canvas art styles, choose one for each wall, you decide, but one thing is for sure, adding Fish and Chips artwork will make a big difference to the room effect. Maybe your little one will grow up to be a famous artist, inspired by the artwork that was once in their bedroom as a child.

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Nursery Curtains

Be bold, be unique, try something a little different.......rather than just standard curtains for the nursery, go for a co ordinate set to add the finishing touches. The Fish and Chips tab top curtains are available in two sizes and are a must have to finish off the co coordinated nursery room:

  • Fish and Chips small curtains that measure 137 x 137cm (each curtain)
  • Fish and Chips large curtains that measure 167 x 183cm (each curtain)
  • Tie backs are available to purchase separately
These nursery curtains make sure your little one's nursery is fit for a king.

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Cot Bumper

The Fish and Chips Cot bumper is a real bargain and fits out your cot just right. It adds a splash of colour and makes for an excellent item for your nursery. Watch your little one wonder in excitement, full of fun and ready to go.

  • Dimensions are approximately 35 x 155cm
  • Look form the detachable musical toy
  • Material cover: 35% cotton, 65% polyester
  • Material filling: 100% polyester
See the full range of Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips here

' Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips baby bedding......such a great choice for your nursery'

The History of Fish and Chips

Meet Chips, the friendly puppy dog featured as a delightful embroidery throughout the collection, playing with his fish friends on his sailing boat. Applique and ribbon trims are introduced to enhance this stunning range. Stripes and checks in shades of baby blue are accented by striking red and cheerful yellow. Combining soft velour with contemporary knitted blankets the range of textures and colour will inspire to create a truly original nursery for that cheeky little scamp. Chips the puppy loves to play in his sailing boat, bobbing up and down on the blue waves.

The Lollipop Lane Nursery Furniture and Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Baby Bedding is available at

Fish and Chips coverlet - meet Fish and Chips the friendly puppy
Fish and Chips wallpaper border - a lovely finishing touch
Fish and Chips lantern - a blue and stripey lampshade
Fish and Chips curtains - blue fabric with contrasting gingham pattern
Fish and Chips tie backs - very fun puppy dog tie backs
Fish and Chips height chart - with magnetic fish markers
Fish and Chips nappy stacker - very useful for keeping those nappies tidy
Fish and Chips cot toy - cute and just for fun
Fish and Chips bedding bale - everything that you need to get started
Fish and Chips cotbed duvet - for slightly bigger little ones
Fish and Chips cot quilt - lovely and snuggly
Fish and Chips sleepsuit/grobag - perfect for staying warm all night
Fish and Chips canvas art - a set of matching pictures

Lollipop Lane Nursery Furniture is a great compliment to this range of nursery bedding. Ranges such as Claydon, Kingsley and Chelsea all offer good value and lovely detailing.

And FINALLY…….Don't forget to have fun with Chips as he bobs and splashes around in the blue ocean with his boat and fishy friends.

Important note from Lollipop Lane:

To prevent baby overheating, quilts, duvets and pillows should not be used for babies under 12 months old.

The Fish and Chips range of bedding is an eye catching design from Lollipop Lane featuring blues and toys for baby. So if you are looking for Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips baby bedding, we have your little ones covered at

Nautical Baby Bedding Ideas

If your little one likes the sea and water or maybe the parents do, why not consider some nautical baby bedding. There are many ranges available but all tend to have the same theme of water, sea, boats and fish.

When selecting any baby bedding, nautical or not, you should always ensure the quality is good, that it meets any safety standards and regulations you may have in your country as that the design is appropriate.

Nautical Blue Baby Bedding Sets ~ Themes

When selecting your bedding for your little bundle of joy, you want to infuse the room with colour and a real sea theme when looking for nautical baby bedding. Look for strong / pale blues and whites to represent the sea or water. Check the quality of any fish or other water animals that the tread have not warn.

Fish and Chips Nautical Bedding

Fish and Chips from Lollipop Lane available at, is a really good example of a quality and a very popular design to give your little ones room that nautical feel. Strong and pale blues provide the backdrop for the sea while colorful Fish and Chips splash around in the sea in their boat.

Don't forget to consider other bedding items that will help compliment the nursery and help you achieve the coordinated nursery look. Nautical Pillows, Nautical Toys, Nautical bookends and mobiles…the list is endless. Either way, when looking for nautical bedding for little ones, the choice is endless.

Having the right kind of nautical bedding for your little ones room is essential for a good night sleep all round so paying a visit to will be a smart move all round. | - baby bedding sets |  Lollipop Lane - Fish and Chips baby bedding

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