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Gruffalo finger puppets

Gruffalo finger puppets
Gruffalo's Child finger puppets - a best toy for 3 year olds!

Dear Zoo finger puppets

Dear Zoo finger puppets
Dear Zoo finger puppets - from the very popular book.

Dolly bag/purse

Dolly bag/purse
Loved by little girls - a real favourite!

Rag dolls, trendy with pink leggings!

Rag dolls, trendy with pink leggings!
Have a look at our range of trendy rag dolls, all with a different look.

Rag dolls, modern with fleece and pink boots

Rag dolls, modern with fleece and pink boots
Have a look at our range of trendy rag dolls, all with a different look.

Rag dolls, pink for girls

Rag dolls, pink for girls
A pretty pink rag doll for perfect for little girls.

Soft Toys

If you are trying to find a soft cuddly toy to go in your sons or daughters bedroom, here are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

If you are feeling particularly 'swish', you could consider buying a soft toy that is coordinated with your nursery / bedroom. A good idea such as looking at the range of baby / toddler bedding you have and then looking to coordinate the soft toy with that specific range of baby or junior bedding.

Some ranges of baby bedding and nursery bedding for example, allow you to buy a soft toy made of the same material or matching material on their garments. In fact if you choose carefully, you can even buy the matching soft toy character that is usually embodied on the bedding sets. Quite often on cot bumpers, sheets, quilts and so on, you will see the main character of the bedding design. Characters such as Humphrey, Lottie, Petit Henri and Baby Fleur are good examples of this in that you can buy the baby & nursery bedding and also the soft toy (or cushion). Another really well known occurrence of this is of course the Gruffalo range of children’s bedding. Not only can you buy a small soft toy called the Gruffalo, but you can also buy the mouse who appears in the Gruffalo story.

In some baby bedding ranges, you are able to buy items such as soft cushions and pillows that coordinate with the baby and nursery bedding.

A few baby bedding ranges that include the option of buying the matching soft toy include:

- Izziwotnot Petit Henri Blue Baby Bedding
- Izziwotnot Baby Fleur Baby Bedding
- Time to Play Ranges
- Gruffalo Children’s Bedding
- Humphreys Corner Lottie
- Humphreys Corner Humphrey

A final little tip when looking to buy soft toys or cushions for your little ones room would be to buy the cushion / pillow / soft toy from the same retailer as it’s more likely it will match, given sometime material and clothing dyes may vary slightly between batches. Also, you might be able to negotiate a better price if you buy all the items in one go from a single retailer.

Typical baby bedding and nursery items for boys and girls include items such as cot bumpers, cotbed quilts, flat and fitted sheets, cot bumpers, fleece blankets, matching curtains and wall coverings. As your little ones get that little but larger, you can then look to buy single duvet sets.
Some online retailers such as even have the material available for purchase, so of you are particularly handy with the sewing machine and a pair of scissors you can make your own baby bedding or nursery coordinated accessories.

Consider bedding bales when purchasing nursery and baby bedding as it not only ensures the various items of that bedding set all match, you also save money compared to buying each individual item one at a time.

Another good idea and while not strictly a soft toy as such, consider curtain ties backs that have fun and cuddly characters on them. Herbs Garden Curtain Tie Backs are a good example of this or the Lollipop Lane Upsy Daisy Tie Backs.

Other good ideas when it comes to soft toys for children are ragdolls. Rag Dolls can be found on the website featuring lots of brightly coloured and fun dolls that little girls will love. Many of these dolls have fleeces, skirts and shoes / boots and are typically good for little girls 3 years and older. Rag Dolls make for excellent Christmas and Birthday presents and are very loveable. Also available are little finger soft toy puppets from Gruffalo finger puppets to Zoo finger puppets, fun and traditional soft toys little ones have play with for many generations. is an online nursery bedding, nursery furniture and baby gifts retailer located in the UK at the website ‘ At 4little1s, we have all your baby bedding needs covered for your little ones…’. So of you are looking for a soft toy or pillow or cushion to go into your child’s room or nursery, consider a visit to the online retailer.

The great thing about soft toys and pillows / cushions in a nursery or child’s bedroom are that they not only provide a toy your little ones will love, they can also be used to add a little ‘designer coordinated’ feel to the room. Scatter cushions for example are excellent ways to make a room look and feel with a designer look by simply scattering a few cushions around the room.

A number of the soft toys that are on the 4little1s website are from great companies such as Izziwotnot, Orange Tree Toys,

Deglingoes – If you are after something really unusual and quirky as a SOFT TOY, take a look at the soft toys that go by the name of Deglingoes. They are animals such as Hens, Hedgehogs, Dogs,Cats, Rats and wolfs in a very unusual and unique design that have to be seen to believed. Here are some of the names of the Deglingoes: Milkos the Cow, Chikos the Chicken, Ratos the Rat, Big Boss the Wolf, Ronronos the Cat, Pikos the Hedgehog Nonos the Dog, Molos the Lobster and Lapinos the Rabbit. The highly unusual soft toys come in large and small sizes and are really great as a talking point.

Another good idea for a soft toy with a difference is to consider a soft toy rucksack such as the dog or sheep themed rucksacks that are available under the soft toys section. |  - rag dolls/soft toys

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