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Wooden Rocking horse

Wooden Rocking horse
A lovely traditional wooden rocking horse for toddlers.

Baby rocker snail

Baby rocker snail
Rocking baby snail toy - a very popular gift for 1 year olds.

Baby rocker caterpillar

Baby rocker caterpillar
Rocking baby caterpillar toy - a very popular gift for 1 year olds.

Tiddlywink Safari baby rocker

Tiddlywink Safari baby rocker
A fun Tiddlywink Safari baby rocker for toddlers.

Rocking horse (small) Bobble and Pip

Rocking horse (small) Bobble and Pip
Baby rocking horse - suitable for little ones from 9 months.

Rocking horse Pixie and Fluff

Rocking horse Pixie and Fluff
Meet Pixie a pink friendly rocking horse and his friend Fluff.

Rocking horse Doodle and Crumb

Rocking horse Doodle and Crumb
Baby rocking horse toy - a toddler rocker.

Rocking horse - Hobnob

Rocking horse - Hobnob
A very friendly horse in a traditional style.

Rocking horse Dylan and Boo

Rocking horse Dylan and Boo
Baby rocking horse toy - a perfect gift for 1 year olds.

Rocking horse - Jasper

Rocking horse - Jasper
A lovely horse for young children.

Rocking Horses for toddlers and young children

Did you know .....

‘Katlinel and Les Hartness from the USA have the largest hand-carved wooden rocking horse on record. Built in 2000 and stands at seven feet eight inches tall. It’s weight comes in at an amazing 1,200 pounds and up to four adults can ride on it at the same time !’

Snail Baby rocker

‘This Snail baby rocker will give your little ones hours of fun for sure. This rocking horse (or should I say Snail!) is suitable from nine months onwards’. This fun shell shaped rocker has a window appliqué and even a little snail rattle. The rocker has soft padding and will keep your little one snug as a bug in this. As all Snail do, she carries her house on her back. The Snail rocker also has a great little space to put things in for the long journey ! The snail rocker has made from a good solid wooden frame and the material luxury velour and cotton. This gift will bring hours of fun for your little one, just watch their eyes light up with joy.

Caterpillar Baby rocker

‘A fun rocking horse toy (or should that be a caterpillar!) suitable for little ones from nine months onwards’.

The brilliant and cheeky little caterpillar rocker carries a snack on her back for a little nibble here and there! The seat is apple-shaped seat and a bite mark at one side, you little one will fit snugly in here. Soft padding and a rattle included, there is even space at the rear for extra storage of things, you always need space for the journey ! Sturdy frame and quality material makes this an ideal rocking horse present for children.

Baby Rocking horses

‘A very sweet and gentle rocking horse designed with little ones in mind.' This rocking horse will provide hours of fun of rocking back and to. A supportive seat, quality wooden frame and removable footplates make this perfect for little ones. This is a traditional and timeless design having been carried through the ages, yet at the same time is contemporary and well made. Suede mane and tail makes this rocking horse an ideal starter horse. Suitable from nine months.

Pixie the Rocking horse

‘You simply must meet Pixie, she is an adorable, very huggable and looking for a home’
Pixie is a pretty pink rocking horse and you not be disappointed when you meet her. She even has a friend called Fluff who is a little bean toy that is removable. Pixie is made from vintage print fabric and features a soft, scrunchy bunchy and has a little tactile mane and tail. Simply an adorable Rocking Horse…..suitable from nine months. Can you give her a home ?

Did you know ....

Wheeled horses were used by knights and warriors to practice swordsmanship and jousting.

Hobnob Rocking horse

‘This rocking horse is a classic design and will fit well into any nursery’
Hobnob has a super scrunchy and tactile faux suede mane and tail, well made wooden frame and will provide the rider many hours of fun. Hobnob says you need to be twelve months and over to ride though.

Jasper the Rocking horse toy

‘Now let me tell you about our special guest, Jasper'. He has charm, a leatherette saddle of course and the stirrups. The classic woven check fabric will affirm your choice, that this is a quality rocking horse. The seat height is 55cm, and he stands at 72 x 35 x 100 cm….a real rocking horse of character. Suitable from 18 months, Jasper will be entertaining your child for many years to come. A real star.

Baby Rockers @ has recently added to their already extensive collection of baby gifts, the Baby rockers range of children's rocking horses. These little rockers come in a variety of different designs, from caterpillars, Snails and of course - Horses....OHHH where would we be without Rocking horses!
If, like me, you imagine rocking horses as huge wooden horses taking up lots of room in a nursery of a large Victoria house where the Nanny rocks it gently for the children, all immaculately dressed. Well, welcome to the 00's and have a look at the brightly coloured, compact and great fun rocking toys that can be found at and prepared to be dazzled.

They make excellent presents for babies and small children alike. Bring back a little of that nostalgia out of a gift and just watch their eyes light up, while not costing the Earth or taking up vast amounts of space.
The cute little rocking horses / Rocker caterpillars / Rocker Snails are brightly coloured and will catch the eyes of little ones, be prepared for these to become their favourite toys very quickly.

Not as large as the traditional rocking horse that takes up quite some room, these small toys, brightly coloured and fun rocking horses add that missing little extra you have been looking for in the nursery.

These fun and carefully made rocking horses will add a lovely toy to your household and will offer hours and hours of rocking fun for your little one.

When looking online for Children Rocking Horses, it's difficult sometimes to know what to type into your search engine......should you type:

Rocking Horses Toys
Baby Rockers
Toy Rocking Horses
Children Rockers
Baby Rockers
Fun Rocking Horses....

...................the list goes on, save yourself the hassle and just visit and there is a whole range there to choose from. can be found at and if you want to buy a fun baby rocking horse (or caterpillar or Snail), simply click on one of the words in this article that's underlined and your web browser will take you to the website where you can choose from a selection.

These fun rocking horses make excellent baby shower presents. |  - rocking horses

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